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Genre: MG Fantasy

Ages: 9 and up

The epistolary sequel of Candy Sky Tells A Lie.

After SASS gains widespread attention for its beach-cleaning initiatives, Maggie Fiser secures a scholarship to attend the scuba camp she has always dreamed of in the Florida Keys. Excitement courses through her as she anticipates exploring reefs and underwater shipwrecks while staying at a luxurious scuba resort designed for celebrities and influencers.

However, her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her camp partner is none other than Elijah Nole, known as the King of Jerkasauruses. Questions swirl in Maggie's mind: How did he end up at the same scuba camp? What are the odds of two individuals from Neiwood, CA becoming campmates? It seems beyond mere coincidence.


Maggie's intuition proves to be on point when Elijah's presence brings with it a supernatural force, mirroring her best friend's claims of being cursed by a witch. In a bizarre twist, the world seems to forget Maggie's existence in the blink of an eye. Strangely, Elijah shares the same "curse," prompting him to seek Maggie's assistance in unraveling the mystery behind their shared fate. Together, they embark on a journey to discover why they were cursed, identify the culprit, and uncover a way to break the spell that has erased them from the collective memory of the world.

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