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Candy Sky Tells A Lie

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A thirteen-year-old notorious liar is cursed by a witch to live in a world where all her lies come true.

Release Date: September 20, 2022
Available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook.

Recipient of the 5-Star Seal from Readers' Favorite.



Candy Sky Tells A Lie by Shanna P. Lowe is the story of a 13-year-old girl who lies to her teachers, parents, and classmates to get out of tests and chores or to get the boy she likes. To cover up her scams, Candy has told more and more lies. Candy’s lies start spiraling out of control when her English Teacher, Mrs. Gulligan, asks too many questions about her lies and reaches out to Candy’s parents to get clarity. It becomes an endless loop of deception, and Candy doesn’t know how to prevent Mrs. Gulligan from meeting her parents and exposing all her lies. Little does Candy know that Mrs. Gulligan has extraordinary powers, and the teacher’s latest mission is to teach Candy Sky a lesson that will change her life forever.

Candy Sky Tells A Lie by Shanna P. Lowe is a candid, relatable, and relevant story. Children have little control over their lives when they are young, and they lie to get themselves out of sticky situations or feel some level of control – it’s part of growing up. Reading this story, I saw traces of Candy’s personality in the faces of my childhood friends and family, and even my younger self. Candy is a kind and good girl trying to find her way, ascertain her identity, and learn the immeasurable and precious value of people that far surpasses the worldly value of affluence. Candy Sky Tells A Lie is a heart-warming, imaginative, funny, and memorable story that teaches youngsters an important life lesson about the consequences of lies. It was a pleasure reading this book.

Jennie More, Reviewer for Readers' Favorite

As an older, more seasoned reader, picking up Candy Sky was like reading a book with my younger self. Dripping with the nostalgia of the early 90s and 2000s, I was enamored by the snarky, deeply flawed Candy Sky and magical, quirky hijinx that permeated each page. Even the book's final setting, a middle school dance, felt straight out of a movie from the Disney Channel. 


But regardless of the nostalgia trip I experienced as I meandered through its pages, Candy Sky Tells A Lie is just a damn good book. Shanna P. Lowe has found the ingredients that make an excellent, engaging middle grade book: an awkward protagonist; unbelievable, hilarious obstacles; and authentic growth as characters struggle toward their goals. But underneath the quirk and fun resides and a heart-warming story of friendship and the importance of honesty.


Candy Sky was a deeply enjoyable character to read. I felt the thrill of schadenfreude seeing Candy's compulsive lies explode to life, watching as she experiences the wild and funny consequences of her lies in full force. But while I knew that Candy deserved all that had coming for her, I was also in her corner–cheering her on as she struggled to find an end to her curse.


Candy Sky Tells A Lie is an excellent example of what makes a perfect middle grade book, and it deserves the honor of being on the shelf of a teacher's classroom library. Candy Sky has certainly earned a place in mine and a special place in my heart.

Michelle Ellingford, English Teacher &

Author of upcoming fantasy Ink.

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