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  • S.P. Lowe

Mark of Stars

Mark of Stars by Colleen Mitchell

If you're a fan of YA fantasy, protagonists discovering they have magic, and the lore of King Arthur; this is the book for you!

Emma Jackman, identified as Talahm's Seventh Sorceress by a distinctive tesseract birthmark and a crucial letter from her father on her eighteenth birthday, faces a dire prophecy upon her arrival in Camelot with her brother Luke.

Luke's vision foretells the destruction of Camelot and the death of their father, Tomás. Determined to protect her recently reunited family, Emma is compelled to defy magical norms.

A betrayal has left Talahm's most powerful sorcerers in an irreversible slumber, paralleled by a curse trapping Camelot's inhabitants within the city walls. As the curse inches toward the citadel, claiming lives in its wake, Emma must break it to prevent a traitor from seizing the crown of Renova.

Simultaneously, Luke must rouse the ancient sorcerers before Emma's intervention, or Tomás Artair will meet his demise. The siblings are entangled in a race against time and dark forces to save Camelot and their beloved father.

This is a family quest, meaning the protagonist works together with her brother, father, and best friend (pretty much her sister) to conquer the plot. She has a strong support team from the beginning--so refreshing!


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