Review: Goodreads

Goodreads provides an excellent platform for bookworms to share and recommend books. Users can build profiles, add friends, browse for books, share reviews and ratings, converse on threads, and check out posts left by authors

Users start of by creating a profile with a picture and bio. Then they are encouraged to browse books and mark which ones they have already read. The marked books with appear on their profile. Users can also mark which books they are currently reading or would like to read. The site has a rating and comment/review system, somewhat similar to YouTube, for every book.

While this site is not set up for classroom use, it does allow students an alternative way to share opinions about books. Goodreads utilizes connectivism concept of collaboration, or many people working independently toward different goals but with using the same resources.

The article “8 Ways Authors Can Use Goodreads to Promote Their Book” by Thomas Umstattd explains how Goodreads can be used as a marketing tool for writers promoting books--both published and self-published. Writers can set up an author's page, advertise, host giveaways, lead Qs & As, and connect with a personal blog and other social media sites. Umstattd makes a great analogy of Goodreads being the “Pandora” of the reading community.

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