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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

Current Projects



Brief Synopsis: Each with their own stakes on the line, a fourteen-year-old girl, a talking hawk, a serpent dragon, and an ex-knight bond together to journey to and infiltrate one of King Bouldermaul's most infamous territories--the Endlor Mines.

Ceron Byndoth

Brief Synopsis: When Ceron Byndoth moves to Drovinbog City with his father, the ambassador of their race, he is faced with a force that could not only sabotage his father's legacy but could destroy the delicate peace between humans and gruiks.


Brief Synopsis: Everyone knew Lady Manora as the "Dragon Tamer." That title, however, is a misconception. No one, not even a warlock like Manora, could possibly tame a creature as intelligent as a dragon. Instead, her great deed which earned her misleading title stems from uniting the humans of Vroaevalon and the dragons of Ceris. 

Under Montana Sky 

Brief Synopsis: When the Wilson family moves to Elk Creek, they soon realize something unsettling and sinister about the life of their eleven-year-old neighbor, Bo Reeds.

Short Stories, Poetry, & CNF

"The Tale of Tornic and Mavric"

Brief Synopsis: Follow the events which led to Mavric's downfall and the reign of King Bouldermaul. (Spin-off of Helen)


Brief Synopsis: (Sci-Fi) Petra must raise enough money to pay off her father's debt or her older brother will spend the rest of his life in a space prison.

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