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Candice “Candy” Sky is a thirteen-year-old girl with a lying streak. She hides her poor grades from her parents, she fibs about having a famous cousin, and she claims that rising pop singer Elijah Nole is her boyfriend.


Unfortunately, after lying to her English teacher, a rumored witch, Candy is cursed to live in a world where all of her lies come true. At first, Candy has everything she has ever wanted—designer clothes, popularity, straight A's, and Elijah Nole as her boyfriend!


However, Candy’s lies put her and those she cares about into many dangerous situations. What's worse? In the "Cursed World," Candy is her best friend's bully.


Can Candy break the curse…or will she be forced to live with her lies forever?

30 fun and kid-friendly activities that encourage creativity, self-reflection, and storytelling.


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